Welcome to

“Time and Variation in Cognitive Linguistics”

in Tromsø

Friday, April 29, 2011

Program of Conference

Note: Both sessions will meet in room E-0101. The schedule allows for 20 minute presentations, plus 10 minutes of discussion.

Morning Session: Conceptualization of Time

9:15 Laura Janda & Tore Nesset: “Time is space”

9:45 Mark Turner: “Conceptual Networks for Time, Space, and Language”

10:15 Luc Steels: “The mechanics of metaphor. A case study for space and time”

10:45 BREAK

11:15 Vladimir Plungjan & Ekaterina Rakhilina: “Canonical and non-canonical metaphors for time in Russian adjectives”

11:45 Östen Dahl: “The role of reification in temporal semantics”

12:15 Tuomas Huumo: “Paths in space - paths in time: The Postposition vs. Preposition variation in Finnish path adpositions”


Afternoon Session: Variation and Allomorphy

2:00 Laura Janda & Tore Nesset: “Neat theories, messy realities”

2:30 Antonio Fabregas: “Matching morphology, phonology and semantics: allomorphy and (de)motivation”

3:00 Dirk Geeraerts: “Fuzzy synonymy and sociolectometrical analysis”

3:30 BREAK

4:00 Harald Baayen: “Allomorphy and naive discriminative learning”

4:30 Stephen Dickey: “Metonymy and Verbal Nouns in Old Church Slavic”


Useful Information for Participants

Contact person: Emma Skallman (Click on her name to send her an email message)

Please bring your winter clothing. Weather in Tromsø is unpredictable. You should be prepared to face temperatures betweeen -5 and +5 centigrade with snow, rain, and plenty of wind. It is a good idea to check the weather forecast for Tromsø before you depart.

You are required to register by April 15. Participation in the conference is free, but we need an accurate headcount for coffee break refreshments and the reception. Please contact Emma Skallman to register for the conference.

The conference will take place on the campus of the University of Tromsø, more specifically in room E-0101, which is in the basement of the E-wing of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Teacher-Training. To find this building, click on the link marked "Fakultet for humaniora, samfunnsvitenskap og lærerutdanning" on the right-hand side of this map.

Hotel rooms and flights into Tromsø are limited. Please make reservations as soon as possible. This link takes you to a list of local hotels.

Sightseeing information can be found at this link.

Airport transportation: There is a special “flybuss” that goes from the airport to various destinations on the island, including both the town and the university. The flybuss costs 55 NOK and operates every 20 minutes between noon and 4:30pm, with longer intervals otherwise. A ticket ticket purchased on the flybuss is valid for an hour on other buses as well, so one can change (in case one wants to). Alternatively, busses 40 and 42 also go from the airport to the town (see note about bus system below). However, the island is small and taxifare is not more than about 200 Norwegian kroner. Note also that taxis accept credit cards.

Local transportation: There is a bus system in Tromsø. Routes 20, 21, 32, and 34 connect the downtown (“sentrum”) with the university. It takes 10 min to get to the university by busses 20 and 21 and they depart every 10 min. Bus fare is 27 Norwegian kroner. When coming to the university it is best to get off one stop after the planetarium. It takes about one hour to walk from downtown to the university.

Additional Information for Invited Participants

Note: Invited participants are those who appear on this list.

Invited participants from out of town will be staying at the Clarion Bryggen Hotel in downtown Tromsø. Breakfast is included and begins at 7:00am.

Invited participants from out of town should be sure to retain all receipts and boarding passes so that they can be reimbursed. Please fill out and bring with you the following forms. The travel form should be filled out with your travel information on the top of the back page, and your personal information on the top of the front, plus your signature. You should include everything you want reimbursement for (airfare, taxi and bus). Here is an example of how to fill out this form. In order to reimburse you we also need you to fill out the bank account form. We recommend that participants from the US and Canada ask your banks to help you, since these forms involve numbers and codes you might not use otherwise.

There will be a brainstorming session for invited participants only on Saturday, April 30 in E-0101 approximately 10:00-4:00. More information is forthcoming.