Welcome to the University of Tromsø Cognitive Linguistics Reading Group

Spring 2011 Schedule

Meetings are held on Fridays 13:15-15:00 in E-0103 (special events may be held at different times and locations)

Week 9, March 4
  • Presenter: Anna Baydimirova
  • Topic: "Russian factitive verbs and allomorphy"
  • Week 10, March 11
  • Presenter: Antonio Fabregas
  • Topic: "Matching allomorphy and semantic demotivation"
  • Week 14, April 8
  • Special Event: Mini-Symposium of presentations from HIF-8028 course in Cognitive Grammar
  • NOTE: This symposium starts at 12:15 in C-1002
  • The full program of the mini-symposium can be found here.
  • Week 17, April 26-28
  • Special Event: HIF-8029 course "Contemporary Cognitive Linguistics" 9-18 daily in E-0101
  • Week 17, April 29
  • Special Event: Conference on Time and Variation in Cognitive Linguistics 9-17 in E-0101
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