Time and Space in Russian Temporal Expressions, a special issue of Russian Linguistics, forthcoming in 2013

Guest editors: Stephen M. Dickey, Laura A. Janda, Tore Nesset

This website houses links to data and code files for three of the articles published in the special issue.

“Making choices in Russian: Pros and cons of statistical methods for rival forms”, by R. Harald Baayen, Laura A. Janda, Tore Nesset, Anna Endresen, and Anastasia Makarova

Follow this link to the data and code for this article

“How ‘here’ and ‘now’ in Russian and English establish joint attention in TV news broadcasts”, by Tore Nesset, Anna Endresen, Laura A. Janda, Anastasia Makarova, Mark Turner, and Francis Steen

Here and Now Read Me file; Here and Now database

“Space-time asymmetries: Russian в ‘in(to)’ and the North Slavic Temporal Adverbial Continuum”, by Anastasia Makarova and Tore Nesset

Space-time asymmetries Read Me file; Space-time asymmetries database; Space-time asymmetries R script