Cognitive and Corpus Linguistics

(HIF 3030) an MA-level course

at the University of Tromsø

FALL 2010

Students from all countries are encouraged to register.

There are no prerequisites, no language requirements, and no tuition costs.

Course Description: This state-of-the-art course will engage you in the major concepts of Cognitive Linguistics through the works of outstanding linguists of the past three decades (Lakoff, Langacker, Geeraerts, Talmy, Tuggy, etc.). At the same time you will be coached in basic techniques for collecting and analyzing authentic language data using digital corpora and accessible statistical software. You will select you own original research project on the language and phenomenon of your choice, which you will carry out under the guidance of a team of linguists. This course gives you hands-on experience in developing publishable results while working directly with leading experts in the field.

Dates: The course is currently projected to run approximately from September 6, 2010, through December 3, 2010, with a final exam/final paper to be submitted by December 13, 2010.

Location: The intellectual experience of a semester in Tromsø is complemented by the exotic beauty of the location, surrounded by spectacular mountains and sea. Tromsø, also know as the “Paris of the North”, is renowned as the best place to view the Aurora Borealis.

Other Courses Available: Concurrently with Cognitive and Corpus Linguistics (HIF 3030), students are welcome to choose among a wide range of courses offered in English at the University of Tromsø in topics including Indigenous Studies, Formal Linguistics, Anthropology, History, and various languages.

Funding: The University of Tromsø charges no tuition fees. The only costs associated with this opportunity are travel and living expenses. Students from EU countries may be eligible for Erasmus funding and students from the circumpolar region (Northern Russia, Alaska, Finland, Sweden, Greenland) may be eligible for North-to-North funding.

Deadlines and how to register: The deadline for registering is May 1, 2010. You can find information on how to register at this link: University of Tromsø Admissions. Additional information is available in the document “Information for International Students”.

Instructors in the course/Members of our research group:

Laura Janda

Tore Nesset

Olga Lyashevskaya

Svetlana Sokolova

Julia Kuznetsovaa

Contact us:

Click on these links to send an email to Laura Janda or Tore Nesset